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24 Hours in Treviso Featured

Italians call it “the other Venice”, and perhaps you should too.

by Lavinia Pisani

No matter the reasons that take you to live and breath the wealthy region of Veneto, in Northeastern Italy, make sure to stop by in Treviso. Located about a 30-minutes ride from the Santa Lucia train station in Venice, Treviso is less crowded, more exclusive and just as beautiful.

Morning glory

First things first: coffee.

When in Italy, finding a café where you can taste the mouthfeel, sweet, salt, bitter, and sour aromas of coffee is not hard. This means you don’t have to go crazy finding the one and only café that serves good coffee. Still there are a few names to keep in mind and Casa del Caffe, in Via Palestro, is definitely one. Though, if you are looking for a more relaxed, sit-down coffee shop experience where to read, people-watch and taste delicious cupcakes, Camelia Bakery is the place for you. Located right on Via Palestro 30, this local favourite is cosy and modern.

IMG 20190301 124948Camelia Bakery, ©Lavinia Pisani

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Lose yourself

After having taken some time for yourself to slow down and live the moment, it is time for you to start exploring the beauty that Treviso (recently nominated among best cities to live in Italy by Il Sole 24Ore newspaper) has to offer.

Like a hard chocolate cover protecting its precious core, the city walls define the historical centre of Treviso that branches out from Piazza dei Signori with bridges, canals, arcades and narrow-paved streets. Rule number one: follow your instinct. Number two: head to Canale dei Buranelli, Piazza San Vito, Borgo Cavour, Via Calmaggiore and Loggia dei Cavallieri.

luxos piazza signoriPiazza dei Signori

Lunch break

The places to stop by are many (also based on which part of town you ended up in). Still, it is good to keep a few names- and specialty dishes- in mind. For a rustic porchetta sandwich head to Hostaria Dai Naneti, for a cicchetti go to Cantinetta Venegazzu and for a light lunch with both cicchetti and main dishes, secure a spot under the arch at Acquasalsa.

No matter where you go, make sure to order a glass of the world’s finest prosecco and tiramisu (it was first created here, after all).

luxos dai naneti treviso lunchVecia Hostaria dai Naneti

Artsy afternoon

Getting back to cultural activities after a fulfilling lunch could be either  the best or the worse (depending on how much you indulged) thing to do. Considering the many treasures this city has to offer though, let’s regard it as possible something positive. Weather you are a museum, sightseeing or spontaneous kind of traveller, Treviso has something for you. Gallerie delle Prigioni and Museo Bailo are two locals’ favourites that will certainly  be worth of your time; just like Ca’ dei Carraresi that, with its temporary exhibitions featuring impressionists, photographers and more, will certainly pique your interest.

luxos treviso canalecagnanCa' dei Carraresi, Canale Cagnan

Don’t feel like you need to enter a specific building to experience art in Treviso though because the city is full of statues, installations and fountains that can be randomly found just walking down the street and crossing yet another bridge. Keep an eye also on the open to the public exhibitions like the one overlooking Piazza dei Signori.

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Wine o’clock

When in “prosecco region,” it is always time to stop for a bubbly glass of Valdobbiadene. Yet, it is advisable to push it towards late afternoon, add a splash of Aperol and make it a Spritz! Be introduced to the most popular soft drink in Northern Italy. The wine-based cocktail is usually served in a glass of wine poured over ice and garnished with an orange peel.

luxos al botegonAl Botegon

Whether you want to go just for the wine, or try the Aperol twist, Botegon is an old time favourite that with its wooden tables and rustic vibe will make everyone feel comfortable. For a more refined and hip experience head to Al Corder where aperitivo can easily turn into a full dinner getting a hold of one of the stylish tables in the back of the restaurant.

Evening closure

Hopefully you have planned it all and don’t have to rush it back because Treviso is even more magic at night. Keep walking down the narrow streets of the centre, capture some facede’s reflections on water while making your way toward Ristorante due Torri. Open since 1400, this restaurant is a true landmark that will seduce with its warm interiors, tasty local food (try the seabass) and friendly staff.

luxos treviso bynightNear ai Buranelli, ©Lavinia Pisani

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