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12 Hours in Vicenza Featured

Be inspired to visit Vicenza during Vicenza Oro. 

by Lavinia Pisani

When thinking about travelling to Italy, Vicenza will hardly rank high on the list of cities to visit.  Still, if you are not new to gondolas, Michelangelo’s artwork and futuristic skylines spread across the country, you might as well dive into the elegant and intimate city in the Veneto region.


Located in the city center, right next to Palladio’s Basilica, stands historical and delicious Antica Pasticceria Sorarù. We highly recommend kicking off your day here with a good cup of coffee and fresh croissant (or soft panino with prosciutto), while glimpsing at the original wood shelves inside the pastry shop. Another great stop to mention for breakfast is Gambarato. Its fresh artisanal pastries will lift even the crappiest of moods…

pasticceria soraruPasticceria Sorarù


A restaurant, a bar, a jazz club, Bar Borsa is a true social landmark for both locals and visitors. Situated between Piazza dei Signori e Piazza delle Erbe, it is impossible to miss this gathering spot and you really shouldn’t. Offering outdoor and indoor seatings, Borsa changes its atmosphere throughout the day maintaining a cool yet vibrant vibe around the clock. For lunch, they offer a comprehensive menu that ranges from main dishes to sandwiches and burgers.

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124 Bar Borsa aperitivo cocktail rui fotografo RUI9823 Lr p webBar Borsa


Sixteenth-century architect Andrea Palladio’s influence can be found everywhere around the city from the graceful building façades to palazzos and chapels. In Goethe’s words “it is only with these monuments before our eyes that we can comprehend their great value.” And we do. Though, it is inside of the Olympic Theater that our biggest admiration goes to the architect’s work. Listed as an UNESCO heritage site, this artistic and architectonic jewel is the world’s first indoor theater made of masonry. Catching a show would be a prestigious experience to have, but if this is not an option, planning a visit is your best bet.

teatro olimpico


We often find ourselves thinking about what “luxury” really means. Is it about buying expensive things? Having more time for yourself? At Profumeria Artistica Carla Chemello, answer is treating yourself to a niche fragrance or skincare product from around the world. Passionate owner Carla Chemello is always available to talk her clients and friends through the best products choices based on skin types and preferences.

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antica profumeriaProfumeria Artistica Carla Chemello


Of course Vicenza has plenty of fine restaurants like Ristorante El Coq. According to Michelin guide, Chef Lorenzo Cogo is considered one of the most innovative and imaginative Italian chefs who excels at unexpected combinations. However, if curiosity urges you to go past Piazza dei Signori, Pomo D’oro is a hidden gem. For less than an hour’s drive, you will be close to Bassano del Grappa (a quaint little town we recommend visiting either before or after dinner). The refined wine store, Pomo D’Oro, features a cosy restaurant in the back. La “cucina in bottega” serves a few quality dishes where tradition meets curious pairings that will be impossible for you to forget.

pomo doroPomo D'Oro 

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