Umbria: Italy's Green Heart Featured

Where to escape from the city in enchanting medieval Umbria.


Located in Central Italy, frequently referred to as the country’s Green Heart (Cuore Verde), Umbria is synonymous for it's hilltop medieval towns, clean air and delicious local cuisine. With a number of quaint towns and beautiful views to soak in the Umbrian air. This region of Italy is often over looked by it’s overshadowing neighbour, Tuscany. However we’ve explored the region and are humbly overwhelmed by it's charm and magic essence, we've picked out our favourite places to visit, at any time of the year.



Umbria’s regional capital hosts some of the world’s best chocolate and Umbria Jazz Festival every July. Filled with Roman architecture, a compelling historic centre, frescoed interiors and cafes dating back hundreds of years, Perugia’s busy suburbs are quickly forgotten against it’s Medieval old town. Walk to the top of the city, stop by the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria and take a look at some of the most superb artworks before purchasing some 'Perugina' chocolate delights!


Orvieto cropped

Famous for it’s Gothic Cathedral Orvieto strikes as one of Umbria’s most stunning treasures. However there is more that meets the eye with this medieval town, below it’s surface lies grottos and tunnels of bygone eras which inhabitants would use to hide from WW2 bombings, today the locals use these as a wine storage. Stop by one of the trattorias or enotecas and sample some of their home grown wines. 

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Assisi’s Basilica di San Francesco was built in honour of Saint Francis himself and is one of the city’s most visited sights that will make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a renaissance village. Spot Monks wondering the pink stoned streets, locals enjoying wine and gelato while you indulge in some of Umbria’s mouth watering foods. Assisi is one of Italy’s most popular destinations of pilgrimage, soak in it’s impressive views, admire the Duomo’s Roman temple facade and be taken back in time on it's ancient streets.


During the Middle Ages, Todi was just an agricultural town that was once untouched by none other than it’s inhabitants. Now standing proud on the pyramid topped hill, the town evokes Etruscan civilisation; with a small centre and views as far as the eye can see. Step down amongst the gothic churches, hidden streets and get a feel of what attracted the Roman’s to this small town.

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spoleto 231083 1920
This enchanting hill top town has been described by many as one of the most romantic cities they’ve ever seen. With it’s characteristic architecture, winding streets and Romanesque churches there is something to see at every street corner. Spoleto has a wonderful essence of wealth yet remains humble and peaceful. With a castle fit for a duchess and streets lined with cafes and restaurants a plenty.

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