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The Best Views Of Cinque Terre Featured

Enjoy spectacular views of the Ligurian sea when you hike these four central Cinque Terre trails. Make sure that you stop at the different villages to sample the fresh seafood and locally made wine.

Via Dell'Amore

Impressioni di Viaggio


Walk along this romantic path known as lover's lane, and admire the rocky coastline of the Italian Riviera. Feel free to take a seat at benches carved into the landscape, admire the sunlight glinting off the ocean, and read some of the declarations of love written inside the tunnel that covers a small part of the trail. Be sure to keep an eye out for the famous "kissing statue" pictured above.

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Manarola - Corniglia

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Breathe in the ocean air as you walk from Corniglia to Manarola. If you want to enjoy the views of the coastline while you dine, stop off at one of the bars or restaurants alongside the trail and sample fresh seafood or region-specific pesto. Then, once you've finished a glass of wine famous to the Cinque Terre area, return to the trail and take in the sights of the colourful cliffs surrounding the quaint town of Corniglia.

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Corniglia - Vernazza

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Watch your step as you hike on this stone pathway. Although some of the steps can be uneven, the trail between Corniglia and Vernazza is a must-see for anyone who wishes to stop at beautiful meadows alongside the sea or learn more about Italian agriculture. As you hike this trail, be sure to look out for workers cultivating their fields and picturesque views of Vernazza. Pro-tip: if you are feeling tired, stop at one of the bars along the way and try any of the snacks or drinks made with local produce from the area.

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Vernazza - Monterosso

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Follow the red and white markers along the trail as you pass through citrus orchards and vineyards. Pause at various high points on the pathway and take in the breathtakingly beautiful panoramic scenes of the coastline. One of Cinque Terre's steeper hikes, the path between Monterosso and Vernazza affords views of the villages that are difficult to capture on a postcard--at one point on the trail you can see all five towns.

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