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LUXOS Guide: Italy's Best Beaches

When the temperatures rise and the days extend themselves to people along the street, lingering on gelato and creative cocktails, you know that the swimsuit season will soon follow. The beaches of Italy can immediately transport you to distant, exotic islands such as the Maldives or even secret hideaways in Thailand - seriously. You can explore these shores by boat, or in most cases, arrive by car. Whether you’re planning your first visit or a regular to the boot-shaped nation, don’t miss the chance to visit these splendid shores.  


Ever since Borgo Egnazia won title for Hotel of the Year 2016 by Virtuoso, the region of Puglia has been pegged on the map. Once a holiday destination for Italian families and friends, the heel of the country is picking up pace. While culture, history and architecture abound, it will be hard to resist those dips in the sea. Head to the shores of Ostuni, Gallipoli and the beach of Alimini in Otranto, where you will feel as if you're in the Maldives. As a matter of fact, you may also want to visit a beach that goes by the name, 'The Maldives of Salento' in Santa Maria di Leuca.

lidopizzodigallipoliGallipoli, Puglia

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The beaches on this resort island are marvelous, clean and pristine. The highlight of any visit to Sardegna lies perhaps, in search of the beaches where you can bask in the open air, all day long. Some of the best coasts are found in the southern tip of Sardegna island, from Pula to Chia and westwards passing Spiaggia delle Dune (Dune Beach) towards the tiny island of Sant’Antioco. While this part of the island offers less nightlife, the beauty is second to none. This is the more rustic side of Sardegna but if you’re sailing around the island on holiday, getting to the buzzing nightlife in the north is a short cruise and bottle of wine away.

sardinia-2083337 1920 1Sardegna, Italy

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At the other end of the boot is Calabria, perhaps Italy’s lesser-known tourism region. Even so, Calabria is home to some wonderful towns and seashores that Italians love to call home during the summer – places you will never hear about unless you’re personally invited by friends. Head to the town of Tropea for a long weekend, and immerse yourself in a nice mix between mountainside villages and gorgeous, aquamarine waters. There are plenty of activities on offer, most of which genuinely revolve around food but at least you can walk to the restaurant and back - and head back to the beach for a swim.

tropeaTropea, Calabria

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Tuscan Beaches
If you’re planning to travel across the glorious Tuscan region this spring, and your itinerary includes lots of historic villages and wineries, then you're in for a real surprise. On either side of the region lie some great beaches that make for a great exuse to check out, relax and unwind. Cala Piccola is one of the favourites among Italians, as well as Cala di Forno, and Spiaggia di Sansone located on the Island of Elba. The beaches are perfect for families, friends and singles, with restaurants on the seaside that serve fresh seafood and wine. These spots will open up a whole new perspective to Tuscany.

spiagge isole delba1-1728x800 cElba Island, Tuscany

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Known as the Italian Riviera, Liguria is home to deep blue, unspoiled beaches, and while Italians prefer to crunch their toes in soft sands of southern Italy and leave the pebbled shores behind, there are several beaches in Liguria that are still welcoming and offer a soft landing. Classic to Italy is the beautiful Paraggi Beach which resembles a hideout shore in Thailand. Head west to the shores of Capo Noli, San Fruttoro Bay, Varigotti, Tellaro & Fiascherino and Balzi Rossi, which kisses the border with France.

Tellaro-edits-beach-1Tellaro & Fiascherino, Liguria


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