Classic Wine Bars in Verona
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The city of love just became the city of wine.

The Soul behind the Scent at Il Profvmo
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With a destiny as star-crossed as her fragrances, Silvana Casoli is the defining name of ‘Il Profvmo’.

Relais Fra' Lorenzo
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An intimate building for a peaceful stay in Verona.

Byblos Art Hotel, Villa Amista
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Experience a unique artistic journey among the artworks hosted by the hotel.

Top Eating Spots In Verona
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Visiting Verona? Find the right dinery for every occasion with our guide to the top spots.

5 Things To Do In Verona
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Verona is full of charm, culture and romance. But what are some of the not to well known things you can get up to on your visit?

24 Hours in Verona
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Where is the most romantic city in Italy? Some would say Rome, others claim cupid to live among the canals of Venice and then there are fans of Capri. Each one of these glorious landmark sites have their respective place in our hearts, but we can never forget where unrequited, powerful love was not only recorded but staged for hundreds of years.