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Villa Crespi Hotel's Own

Villa Crespi

A blissful villa on the shores of Lake Orta.

by 06 February 2018

Located in the heart of Lake Orta, the astoundingly beautiful Villa Crespi is the product of renowned architect Angelo Colla, which he designed for Cristoforo Benigno Crespi and his wife, Pia. Inspired by their many trips to Baghdad, the Crespi family wanted to bring the charm and architecture of the Middle East to Lake Orta, creating a whimisical Moorish haven full of stuccoes and arabesque carvings.

Created in 1879, the hotel was restored in 1999, offering 14 rooms and suites to guests who wish to stay at the breathtaking residence. Each room is inspired by Middle Eastern designs, including marble bathrooms, period furniture, and parquet floors.

There is a gourmet restaurant on the property run by chef Antonino Cannvacciuolo, a two time Michelin Star chef renowned for his Italian food guides and inspired dishes. His passion for cooking is evident in all creations served at the restaurant. The menu is seasonal, changing three to four times a year, and pairs flawlessly with the wine kept in special wine cellars underground.

Relax at the Chandra Deva Wellness Suite, an Indian inspired spa where guests can customize their own massages and enjoy the fragrant oils made of flowers from the hotel garden. Outside guests can walk or bike around the property and the garden, offering magnificent views of the lake and surrounding countryside.



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Villa Crespi

Via G.Fava, 18 - Orta San Giulio

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