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Relais Fra' Lorenzo

An intimate building for a peaceful stay in Verona.

by 16 January 2018

Located just a few minutes walk from Verona centre Relais Fra' Lorenzo is surrounded by the tranquility of it's very own Olive tree garden this residency is popular amongst wedding goers and those who like the serenity of Italy's La Dolce Vita.

Amongst the century old olive groves, it feels as though life seems to stand still whilst staying here. Popular amongst weddings, romantic getaways and those in search for relaxation.

The story of Fra' Lorenzo (Friar) is that of an interesting one, he was a friend of star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, a friar and herbalist who would gather medicinal herbs from the hills of Verona. He would stop to mediate in the quiet gardens and offer his good health, relief and comfort with his anecdotes to those around him. Today and many years on, the hotelier prides themselves on welcomiing its guests into the historical atmosphere. 

Rooms and suites are bright with elegant furnishings with 5-star comfort. All of which over look Verona's historic setting whilst giving you privacy. 


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Relais Fra' Lorenzo

Via Castello San Felice, 11 - 37128 Verona



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