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Byblos Art Hotel, Villa Amista

Experience a unique artistic journey among the artworks hosted by the hotel.

by 15 September 2017

Located in the heart of Valpolicella, a few kilometres from Verona, Byblos Art Hotel is a combination of historical and contemporary style, a creation imagined by the inventive designer Alessandro Mendini. The space features several artworks by world-famous artists that have helped to give this hotel the status of a museum. The 18th century palazzo was designed by Ignazio Pellegrini. Villa Amistà combines paintings from that era as well as original pieces with contemporary art and design intertwined.

Nestled in this magical atmosphere of "art is living, living is art", choosing a room at Byblos Art Hotel may be quite the challenge since each of the 59 rooms has a completely different design. In-room amenities include an Anna Gili mini bar, plush robes and slippers, and a luxurious marble bathroom. Hotel services include the Espace Byblos, a fitness suite, and an outdoor swimming pool set in the middle of the beautiful, 20,000 square metre gardens, dotted with fountains made of Verona marble.

The hotel's charming atmosphere is accompanied by a terrace bar, offering an ideal place to enjoy cocktails and aperitifs before dinner, or simply spend a pleasant day in the cosy lounge with whirlpools. Byblos Art Hotel also features one of the best restaurants in Valpolicella region. Your dinner at Amistà33 will begin with a special welcome tour through the hotel's contemporary and modern art collection, and a presentation of the exhibited works.

The menu invites guests to rediscover the regional traditional dishes, with a rare selection of organic vegetables cultivated in the hotel's private garden. The Chef’s proposal is based on cuisine without inhibition, yet is kept simple to retain the essential Italian flavours. In addition to the restaurant, there is a fifteenth-century wine cellar with 300 selected labels and privileged wine-tasting.

The exclusive and elegant ambience of Villa Amistà allows Byblos to be a five-star hotel with a perfect fusion of classical and original.