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Palazzo Avino

Sitting high on the cliffs of Ravello, a hilltop village in the Amalfi Coast, is the Palazzo Avino Hotel.

by 24 June 2015

Once a private villa for a noble family, this hotel holds 32 rooms and 11 suites. All the suites have sea views, while the rooms have either a sea or mountain view. Each room is decorated uniquely with a mix of furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries and modern touches, which gives the hotel an old time charm with a contemporary edge.

Rossellinis is Palazzo Avino’s Michelin starred restaurant specialising in Italian dishes. Guests can dine with dishes “a-la-carte” or enjoy set tasting menus. Palazzo Avino also has a terrace restaurant with a more casual atmosphere that serves appetisers and fresh pasta.

The hotel’s “Clubhouse by the sea” is their seaside property for exclusive guest use. Located a 15 minute ride from the hotel - to which the hotel offers complimentary ride service - the beach platforms feature a pool, a casual restaurant, a lounge and changing rooms. It sits on natural terraces at the very edge of the Mediterranean.

The hotel also has a pool, spa and gymnasium in the hotel premises.

Palazzo Avino

Via S. Giovanni del Toro, 28, 84010 Ravello SA

+ 39 089 81 81 81

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