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Hotel Santa Caterina

A grand 19th century residence transformed into a luxury five-star hotel.

by 24 June 2015

Amalfi is a small village on the eponymous coast bordering the ocean with sheer cliffs. One of these cliffs is home to Hotel Santa Caterina, whose structure is actually at the summit with natural terraces extending all the way down to the ocean. Their pool is located on one of those terraces and provides a stunning view of the ocean.

The white washed walls of  the hotel interiors create a simple yet refined atmosphere. The lobby is decorated with plants and vines that elegantly frame doorways, while the rooms’ furniture gives more colour to the relaxed décor. The hotel’s 66 rooms and suites all have views either to the sea or the hotel’s gardens.

Restaurant Santa Caterina is the hotel’s main restaurant and serves Mediterranean cuisine in its dining room. The hotel also has a restaurant situated on one of the cliff terraces overlooking the sea, specialising in pizza and local seafood it is the perfect place for a leisurely lunch over the water.

The hotel also contains a spa that provides a range of face and body treatments, which use essences of Mediterranean herbs and fruit.

Hotel Santa Caterina

Via Mauro Comite, 9 84011 Amalfi SA

+39 089 871012

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