Essential Buffet Dining in Trieste Featured

 Lively buffets loved by locals for decades.

by Angelina Hazzouri

If you’re catching the last few days of the Barcolana, take a break from all the activities and enjoy one of the many delicious restaurants this seaside city has to offer. Trieste is famous for its buffets, representing the city’s culture and diversity, and we’ve got the best ones covered for your dining needs with friends and family.

Buffet da Pepi

With its Austrian-Hungarian traditional way of cooking pork, Buffet da Pepi is the best restaurant choice for meat, as it is incomparable. This restaurant has been raved about in the New York Times, and critics have said that meat has never been more enjoyable than at Buffet da Pepi. Having operated in Trieste since 1897 under a different name, the restaurant has been in the same location for over 100 years, so it’s a popular destination for both locals and tourists from all over. Experience the charm of this timeless restaurant with a table outside or within its humble walls.

buffet outsideBuffet da Pepi

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Buffet da Siora Rosa

Established in 1921, Siora Rosa is another great buffet option that has been in Trieste for decades. The family-run restaurant offers a wide range of choices, from delicious German and Hungarian meat offerings to fresh seafood dishes to different types of gnocci. This is one of Trieste’s best-loved traditional buffets, as the food is authentic and homemade… you’ll feel just like a local.

buffet da siora rosa 2 1Buffet da Siora Rosa © Emiliano Castagna

Buffet L'Approdo

The buffet at L’Approdo is constantly changing with its day-to-day meals, and you will want to try every specialty. On Tuesdays, you can enjoy “Trippa Triestina” (Trieste-style tripe), while on Saturday, you’ll be offered “Stinco” (pork shin), a dish that locals are very fond of. A wide range of traditional dishes is also offered every day, and L’Approdo’s cellar has a large selection of wines from the best wineries in Italy. Buffet L’Approdo is one of the highest-rated buffets in Trieste, so don’t miss out in this delicious menu.

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Osteria da Roby 

Last but not least is Osteria da Roby, an intimate, welcoming atmosphere in the heart of Trieste. You can eat here at any time of the day, and your meal is sure to be excellent. The restaurant has an array of fish specialties, such as Pasta alla Busara or Risotto alla Pescatora. They also offer an extensive selection of drinks, so you will not go thirsty during Barcolana, no matter what time of day it is.

da robyOsteria da Roby © Andrea F.


Trattoria da Giovanni

The oldest trattoria in town, Trattoria da Giovanni is another restaurant that boasts food history. Having opened its doors in 1961, it has been a favorite for locals for decades. (This seems to be the theme of Trieste restaurants.) With a large buffet of mixed fried fish, stuffed and grilled squid, Venetian-style sardines, roasted ham, grilled fish, and delicious desserts, Trattoria da Giovanni is another excellent buffet option that will leave you satisfied in between Barcolana activities.


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