24 Hours In Capri Featured

Capri is the destination for magical views and beaches that are equivalent to paradise. Here is how to make the most of your 24 hours.

Known for it’s stunning coasts, landscapes, and upscale shopping, Capri is the perfect example of a postcard city. From picturesque views of the sea to the colourful towns, there is something for everyone to discover.



Do: The Blue Grotto

Home to one of the most famous grottos in the world, this underwater cavern reflects the color of the sea onto the walls. If the tide is calm, guests can enter the grotto on a four-person boat and see the mesmerizing glow. This illuminated cavern was once Emperor Tiberius personal swimming hole and marine temple. Be prepared to wait in line, as this is Capri’s most popular tourist attractions.


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For those who are fans for lemons, La Zagara houses an elegant restaurant and a renowned wine bar. Have dinner under a stunning Lemon Grove, or indulge in an extensive wine list. Each plate is prepared with the freshest fish, and an impressive lemon themed dessert menu. Due to it’s popularity reservations are highly recommend.


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Fiore Capri is known for their chic sandals, bags, and hats. These handmade items capture the colors and symbols of the Capri island. Stop by the boutique to complete your Capri summer look. 

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