The 3 Best Restaurants in Cannes Featured

Reserve a table to experience some of the best culinary scenes in Cannes. 

by Ann Bargstedt

Before taking to the evening streets of Cannes for an adventure in cinema, art and culture, or simple leisure, dinner is the occasion for anyone to dress the part and turn into a movie star attending the Cannes Film Festival. Luckily, the seaside town located on the shore in south of France is full of restaurants that will set the scene. LUXOS has selected the best 3 restaurants in Cannes where you will want to reserve a spot.


At L’Affable, located just a few blocks north of Plage Long Beach, watch you la carte dishes or set menu of three courses be prepared through the large window, which is the only thing that separates you from the chefs. The food served here embodies the finesse one would expect of current French cooking. For example, the restaurant’s popular marinated quail, the recipe of which can be found on the L’Affable website, exemplifies the style and sophistication of the entire menu. Imagine following this entree with a dessert of strawberry soup with an orange biscuit.

LAffable CreditToLAffable

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Table 22

If you are in the headspace for a whirlwind meal of unexpected French cuisine, head to Le Cirque Canne in Le Suquet. This restaurant is always spinning itself around with new concepts, as the menu changes with the season, markets, and whims and inspirations of the resident chef. One night here could lead your to farmer veal chop with baby potatoes and carrots while another to lobster ravioli with leeks. This wide variety of options takes form in either three or four course menus, however vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free menus are consistently available.


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Le Cirque Cannes

By partnering with other local businesses to provide the best ambience and menu options, Le Cirque Cannes provides a delightful gastronomic environment. In the center of Cannes, Chef Jean-Paul Battaglia works directly with florists, interior designers, artists, wine connoisseurs, and food vendors to fit every detail of the restaurant to his vision. This all has culminated in the perfect stage for dishes like the appetizer bone marrow and bread rubbed in garlic and entree galicia lacquered octopus tentacles to sing.

LeCirqueCannes CreditLeCiruqeFacebook


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