French Riviera Flower Festivals Featured

Feast your eyes on the Riviera’s celebrated flower and citrus festivals.

by Lanie Goodman

La Fête du Citron (Lemon Festival), Menton

Lemon Festival.Menton.Fete du citron dot com edition 2016 menton IMG 4797

Reputed for its toasty micro-climate, Menton hosts an annual 20-day festival every February, using over 145 tons of citrus fruit for the spectacular gardens and floats. Everything, from the large-scale artistic designs to the intricate patterns of the lemon and orange decor, woven together with elastic bands, is a jaw-dropping spectacle. In between the parades, check out the dancers and street performances and don’t miss the landmark Palais de Carnolès, which houses the largest collection of citrus trees in Europe.

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La Fête des Mimosas (Mimosa Festival), Bormes-les-Mimosas

Mimosa Festival.Bormes2

Come February, this medieval village, heralded as the capital of mimosa, celebrates these fragrant fluffy yellow flowers with parades, bold-coloured floats and live concerts. Each year, the highlight of the event is the ‘battle of flowers,’ where onlookers are showered with sprigs of mimosa, marigolds, anemones and daisies and a festive atmosphere prevails.

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La Fête des Violettes (Violets Festival), Tourrettes-sur-Loup

Violette Festival.Tourrettes sur Loup

In the countryside near Grasse, the village Tourrettes-sur-Loup is internationally known for its cultivation of violets, which began in 1880 with Queen Victoria. There are now over 40 flower farms. In February, the town comes alive with a celebration of this delicate bloom, with markets, flower-studded decorations, and cooking-with-violets offerings at the local restaurants.

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