Visit these magnificent art exhibitions, from all corners, the next time you visit Venice.

For many people, the moment they arrive on the dock of Palazzetto Pisani & Palazzo Foscolo is when they realize how truly fantastic Venice is.

Rising from the ashes, the incredible story of one of Venice’s legendary institutions, Teatro La Fenice.

Try one of Venice's fine dining restaurants, that are fit for a Doge.

Piazza San Marco, the drawing room of Europe and it's wonderful historic coffee houses.

Iconic Venetian brands to add a touch of class to your home..

 The texture and prints adorning the collections in this bedding and home linens boutique are something to behold.

That sublime feeling you get when you slip under the covers of a plush hotel bed just got even better - wrap it up and take it home.

Strolling along the canals of Venice and through the alleyways, it might be hard to see the forest from the trees. There, in the midst of antique shops, galleries and restaurants, are some of Venice's finest design ateliers. Discover a city that is more than an architectural wonder; it is an ever-growing hub cut out for modern design. Follow LUXOS for inspiration.