Mido watches and Piano City
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Watch brand Mido sponsors the musical event Piano City, with concerts in Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome.

Get Your Fellini Fix in Rome
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Frolic in Rome's ancient baths and have a Felliniesque time in Rome.

An Unconventional Roman Holiday
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Escape the circus of Rome with these one of a kind shopping and dining experiences. 

Rione Regola: Rome's Small Town Charm
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The winding set of streets that depart from Rome’s bustling Campo de’ Fiori comprise one of the capital’s most refined and authentic districts, the Rione Regola.

The Roman Coffee Scene
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You can walk around the city of Rome all day long in an attempt to take in the contrasting beauty of this ancient and vibrant metropolis. Or, you can simply pull up a seat and let everything come to you, as it eventually will - the Roman way. LUXOS suggests a visit to these charming cafes during your journey in the Eternal City. 

Il San Lorenzo
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Because in Rome, the sea is really just around the corner.

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Moments of sensorial perfection in some unusual and unfamiliar venues.

Top Trastevere Spots to See
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Trastevere, a village within a metropolis.

The Eternal City: Rome, Off The Beaten Path
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Historical spaces and contemporary luxury away from the well-trodden sights of Rome.

Partner you mixology cocktail with tapas at Bar de Fico
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Rome's culture carries through its traditional dishes as each venue expesses a new art within its bistro.