Milan Design Week: Highlights 2017
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As the Salone del Mobile event grows with each passing year, it's easy to get distracted; we shine a light on what not to miss at the 56th edition.

Shifting Gears in Italy: Journeys by Vespa
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There are many ways to experience Italy; by private jet, helicopter lifts, and a raging convertible too. If you’re blessed with time, the ultimate Italian adventure might be just as memorable by scooter. In fact, you’ll find a wonderful collection of vintage Vespas that can be rented - and if you still prefer the stability of four wheels to hold your luggage, the original is available in a variety of colours. 

LUXOS Guide: Italy's Best Beaches
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When the temperatures rise and the days extend themselves to people along the street, lingering on gelato and creative cocktails, you know that the swimsuit season will soon follow. The beaches of Italy can immediately transport you to distant, exotic islands such as the Maldives or even secret hideaways in Thailand - seriously. You can explore these shores by boat, or in most cases, arrive by car. Whether you’re planning your first visit or a regular to the boot-shaped nation, don’t miss the chance to visit these splendid shores.  

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Allow LUXOS' choice of weekender bags to make travelling, practical and stylish this spring.

Ravello, Italy
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Do you want to not only eat well, but also take in some of the most beautiful views in the world? Well, take a look at these terrace restaurants at some of the most luxurious destinations in Europe. You won’t want to leave when you’re done eating your fresh, local seafood or region-couture dishes, because you’ll want to stay and take in the view for eternity. Pull up a seat and join us.

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With spring practically at our footsteps, here are some of Mother Nature's most majestic creations to explore this season and beyond.

Crosstown Dinner Experiences in Milan
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To love Milan is to really know Milan. It is said that to experience the city's beauty, you will have to open the doors of the elegant palazzos and there you will be overcome with architectural masterpieces oozing with lush gardens. 

Nove25, Milan
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One thing Italian femme fatales stand out for is their outstanding jewellery collection, worn and shuffled day-in, day-out. 

Valentino Vintage, Milan
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Whether you’re still in town for Fashion Week or here to catch some stardust, head to these local eateries for a taste of Milanese delicacies.

Dry Cocktail and Pizza Bar, Milan
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Any visitor to Italy knows that when the sun touches the horizon, and the lampposts light up the dark alleyways, it is time to drop the map and embrace the aperitivo experience. For Italians, it is always a great excuse to catch up with good friends, have a quick date or engage with colleagues. We handpick three charming spots for wine o’clock.