Moments of sensorial perfection in some unusual and unfamiliar venues.

Trastevere, a village within a metropolis.

Easy to Get to, Hard to Leave: Rome’s local area and neighbouring cities give the restless traveller a break from the eternal city

Shopping highlights in the Monti district secures you with style as good as any local

Whether you’re looking for your own literary inspiration or wish to retrace favourite literary haunts, these destinations will amuse even the least bookish of travellers:

Far away from the madding crowd, Rome’s quieter corners offer a fresh look at the culture of the eternal city

Roam in Rome in the winter and you can savour the music, ruins, regional food and sights in peace and quiet

Rome is quiet, festive and relatively tourist free in winter, we pick the best events, sights and exhibitions this season

Late summer music festivals, a light show in the Forum, food festivals and spectacular art exhibitions, Rome is the place to be this autumn.

From open-air opera and food festivals to swimming by the Colosseum, grab a spot at one of Rome’s top events this summer.