Specialty Shops in Paris
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Haute couture, macarons, eau de parfum and more: where to pick up a piece of the Parisian lifestyle.

Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa
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Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa is an exclusive establishment located in the heart of a historic neighbourhood, between the Pont Alexandre III and the Eiffel Tower, precisely where the ‘City of Light’ got its name.

Enjoy Champagne like a local
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An aperitif of Champagne is the only way to start any evening of style in Paris.

Parisian Craftsmen Reassume Centre Stage
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In the last year, more and more concept stores have opened, but the two below have a focus on the handmade, a rising art and design trend in France.

Paris: Off the Beaten Track
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A visit to Paris is much more than strolls along the Seine, sipping rosé in corner cafés and pastel-coloured sunsets lit by the sparkling Eiffel Tower. While this may be the Paris of postcards, there are hidden worlds to discover behind the centuries-old doors and winding alleyways. But where exactly are these portals to Paris’s secret enclaves?

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Travel off the beaten path and spend your weekend in Paris like a local with these hidden luxuries. 

Dining in Paris: Rise of the Green Scene
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Nowadays, the French capital is embracing its natural heritage with a new aesthetic code that is redesigning the cityscape: the urban jardin, everywhere. Several hotels, restaurants, and bars in Paris are going green, with plants becoming a powerful visual element.

Immerse Yourself in Paris' Café Culture
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Whether you're in Montmartre or Les Invalides take a moment to explore the city of light's café culture on the rue less travelled. 

Oh La Lunch! in Paris
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In a city like Paris, where there as many bistros as there are tobacco shops, it can be hard to find your way to culinary respite. And few things are more frustrating than being torn between incredible monuments and raging hunger, not knowing where to go. Fortunately, we have some addresses in our little black book that bring the 'oh la la' back to lunch.

Paris, France
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Paris is one of the most extraordinary cities in the world. Its cuisine is one of those aspects that makes it so amazing. Indulge your taste buds with these restaurants in the city of love.