Founder of LUXOS and Tinklabs Global Head of Advertising, James Hill, demonstrates why handy is the future of Luxury travel at this year's Global Blue Digital Marketing Forum Network.

Vienna will surely steal a piece of your heart as you walk its elegant side streets and stop in an endless array of shops.

Known for its charm and hometown feel, Vienna is sure to impress.

The ultimate traveler’s companion, find out how you can be part of the movement.

If you need to pack for a quick weekend trip or just don't want to lug a giant checked bag around but are unsure of what liquids to bring in your carry-on, then this guide is for you.

Appreciate exquisite, panoramic views of these cities as you dine on some of the world's finest fare. 

Walk down the pastel covered streets to eat, shop and absorb all of Lisbon's rich contemporary culture. 

Across it's glistening skyline, Singapore is known for its vibrancy and zealous lifestyle where there is an abundance of fun and exhilarating experiences. From luxury watersports to nigh safari's, here are LUXOS' recommendations on how to explore this Asian metropolis.

A pocket of Indian culture, crafts, and cuisine exists in Singapore’s popular Little India district. Whether you’re just passing through or have the luxury of time to explore, Little India is a must-see in Singapore.

In addition to the astonishingly healthy mediterranean diet, stay on track and maintain a balanced lifestyle during your vacation in Greece by running with the locals!