If you have already covered Europe's classical destinations - Paris, London, Rome - and have the local cultures down to a tee, then it's time to open a new chapter in your history and get to know these charming destinations across the continent.  

Driving doesn’t have to be tedious. Choose the road less traveled by, ease your foot on the gas pedal and enjoy the view with no highway exit signs. LUXOS recommends some of the continent's most beautiful roads, taking you through charming villages, quaint towns and moments where all there is around you is nature at its best. 

Ever wanted to know what London Zoo would be like without the tourists? LUXOS were invited to exclusively experience the animal kingdom for a night amongst the wildlife.

One of Europe’s greatest traditions is the celebration of Christmas Markets.  These festivals commemorate not only the holiday season, but also that city’s culture. 

The Aurora Borealis lights have caused fascination for centuries, so if you’re going to see them, why not do it in style?

Enter the #LUXOSLandscapes photo competition using your own incredible landscape photos, for the chance to win a luxurious stay at London’s decadent Savoy Hotel, plus a 5 star dining experience and tickets to a West End show.

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