Skip the flowers and mimosas, and surprise your mom with an adventure she’ll never forget.

From breathtaking cliffs to green parks and freeflowing rivers, our guide of top running trails in Europe covers your must-haves for a satisfying, energising and memorable run. Choose your favourite Spotify playlist and discover trails in a variety of lengths, landscapes and challenge levels to keep you fit on-the-go.

From the dawn of horological history, there have been important links between timepieces and the sea. We take a look at five watches that celebrate the maritime heritage in different ways. 

Spring is upon us. We can finally see the sun and it's time to show your ankles. Most importantly, our skin is coming out of the dark, cold winter and ready for some TLC to prep for the glorious summer.

Allow LUXOS' choice of weekender bags to make travelling, practical and stylish this spring.

Do you want to not only eat well, but also take in some of the most beautiful views in the world? Well, take a look at these terrace restaurants at some of the most luxurious destinations in Europe. You won’t want to leave when you’re done eating your fresh, local seafood or region-couture dishes, because you’ll want to stay and take in the view for eternity. Pull up a seat and join us.

If you have already covered Europe's classical destinations - Paris, London, Rome - and have the local cultures down to a tee, then it's time to open a new chapter in your history and get to know these charming destinations across the continent.  

Driving doesn’t have to be tedious. Choose the road less traveled by, ease your foot on the gas pedal and enjoy the view with no highway exit signs. LUXOS recommends some of the continent's most beautiful roads, taking you through charming villages, quaint towns and moments where all there is around you is nature at its best. 

The latest and best in the lipstick game, just in time for International Women’s Day.

Didn't think a toothbrush could be stylish? Think again.