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Beyond the notoriety of Oktoberfest awaits a city just as alluring and thrilling every other week of the year. In Munich, Germany, old Bavarian tradition meets big-city modernity in a fantastic explosion of Weisswurst sausages, chic cafés, sprawling beer gardens and looming churches. Here’s how to do it in a day.

Come spring, Munich transforms into a public garden city, blooming from its parks to the nearby suburbs. You'll be swept off your feet by the charming boutiques, cafes and bistros alongside the young atmosphere, infused by the students both local and international. By day, the city is abuzz with lunch meetings, whether in suits or sundresses, and from the elegant and sophisticated to parkside casual cafes. At night, well known establishments and trendy hotspots open their doors to a night of entertainment, local mingling with a laid-back attitude and memorable cuisine.  Take your pick among three distinct, local kitchens that capture the diversity of Bavarian cuisine.