24 Hours in Naples
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Aside from being one of the largest metropolises of the Mediterranean it is one of the culinary powerhouses of Southern Italy, the birthplace of pizza and spaghetti. Naples, nicknamed ‘the city of the sun,’ is not a place you or your taste buds are going to want to miss.

Venice Does Beauty And The Beast
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The works of Judi Harvest and Quentin Garel explore themes of man and beast, contrasted with bees and beauty in Venice.

The Day Trip: Lake Como, Italy
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You can travel for the day to Como or make it your weekend destination. Either way, we have to say it's a grand idea. LUXOS recommends lakeside activities for the well-travelled, looking for leisure and Italian hospitality in this star-studded, historic destination.

Rione Regola: Rome's Small Town Charm
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The winding set of streets that depart from Rome’s bustling Campo de’ Fiori comprise one of the capital’s most refined and authentic districts, the Rione Regola.

The Roman Coffee Scene
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You can walk around the city of Rome all day long in an attempt to take in the contrasting beauty of this ancient and vibrant metropolis. Or, you can simply pull up a seat and let everything come to you, as it eventually will - the Roman way. LUXOS suggests a visit to these charming cafes during your journey in the Eternal City. 

Isaia, a voyage around Neapolitan fashion
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Gianluca Isaia, CEO of Isaia, is proud of his brand, which, like him, is a perfect expression of Naples and its remarkable heritage of men's tailoring, creating products that are at once smart, elegant, and also contemporary, made using superb textiles. He himself explains the hallmarks of Neapolitan menswear.

Haute Kidswear Goes Jungle Fever
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Haute Italian children's brand, Il Gufo, delivers its own creative and imaginative take on 'jungle fever' in the Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

24 Hours in Verona
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Where is the most romantic city in Italy? Some would say Rome, others claim cupid to live among the canals of Venice and then there are fans of Capri. Each one of these glorious landmark sites have their respective place in our hearts, but we can never forget where unrequited, powerful love was not only recorded but staged for hundreds of years.

In Florence with Alice Cheron
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LUXOS talks to Florence-based French blogger, Alice Cheron, the founder of AlidiFirenze, a lifestyle and fashion blog, devoted to discovering the best boutiques in the city and interviewing the great minds behind some of the city’s less familiar luxury brands. This is her guide to a perfect day in Florence.