Make the most of your time in Milan with this handy neighbourhood guide to one of the chicest cities in the world.

Stop by one of the most frequented areas in all of Milan.

A must-see for Prada lovers. 

You cannot leave Milan without seeing one of the most famous works of art, "The Last Supper." 

Spend an afternoon admiring art in Milan's historic district. 

Get an inside look into the mind of one of your favorite designers, Giorgio Armani. 

Immerse yourself in the culture of Milan and beyond. 

Traditions exist for a reason, but it's time to embrace the new when you visit the Italian fashion capital.

Do, dine, and spend in style, just as the Milanese do every day.

Your time in Milan would not be complete without strolling through the Galleria or seeing a show at Teatro alla Scala. But what if you want to experience all that Milan has to offer, and more? In the heart of the city, you will find boutiques and bakeries that take you overseas, beyond the culture of the Milanese.