10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como is a wonderland of couture and fine cuisine.

Nestled amongst the buildings of Milan's most famous nighttime streets, 10 Corso Como is the concept space founded by Carla Sozzani that has today turned from an art gallery into a luxury store, restaurant, cafŽ and hotel. The shop holds brands from Ala•a to Isabel Marant, along with other cutting edge designers and plentiful 10 Corso Como designer collaborations. The shop has a real gallery feel in terms of its design and takes you on a sartorial journey starting with shoes and going through to accessories. After perusing the shop, LUXOS highly recommends taking a seat in the cafŽ garden, which is truly beautiful, to enjoy the tranquility that 10 Corso Como offers. This concept store is a real haven amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, and a spot for those in the know that want a luxury offering away from the crowds. If that's you, welcome to the club.

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10 Corso Como, Corso Como, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan

02 2901 3581