The crème de la crème of department stores. 

Shopping isn’t simply about fulfilling wants and needs, it’s about updating your way of life. Excelsior Milano understands that, making a trip to the luxury department store an experience that will evoke your senses and emotions. Video screens display footage of an elegant lifestyle of high-fashion, cutting-edge technology, fine food, and a flawless aesthetic. The seven-floor fashion hub was designed by architect Jean Nouvel and Vincenzo de Cotiis and is divided by type of style rather than brand. On one floor you will find sections of footwear dedicated to Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin, and on another, you will find yourself in a sea of accessories from Gucci, Valentino, and Borsalino. While you can see and feel the fashions on the floors above, you should also take a trip to the ground level and basement to awaken your sense of smell and taste. Testing scents from the perfume gallery and trying fresh fruits and vegetables from the contemporary food market will complete your Excelsior experience. 


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Galleria del Corso, 4, 20122 Milano, Italy

+39 02 7630 7301