Feel the sun on your face and the thrill of high-end shopping all in one place.

Channel your creativity and visit one of Milan's best concept stores.

It's no wonder La Rinascente was voted the best department store of 2016.

The crème de la crème of department stores. 

Have you ever wondered who or what defines Milanese style?

The store itself is as beautiful as the pieces it sells. 

Eclectic jewellery and original frocks are always in full supply here at, Wait and See. 

Are you seeking out a chic, one of a kind vacation mememento? You've found the right place. 

Haute Italian children's brand, Il Gufo, delivers its own creative and imaginative take on 'jungle fever' in the Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

It is a well-known fact that Milan is one of the world’s major fashion capitals. But where can you bag that chic-street Italian style? Let LUXOS guide you to the best boutiques and department stores for those in the know.