One of the most important parts of visiting a new country is trying the local food, of course. When in Barcelona, brunch is the way to go. Check out these spectacular places to eat brunch while you are enjoying this extraordinary destination.

Enrique’s eateries – highlights of one of Barcelona’s most appealing streets.

Spain and tea aren’t a particularly happy marriage. Except when it’s Barcelona and Japanese tea that are concerned. 

The choice of tapas bars can be overwhelming in Barcelona, but raise your standards a little and the quality can be overwhelming

South America seasoned with Asia. With fusion restaurants, anything goes. Don’t ask questions, just eat

Have a taste of the Far East even 10,000 kilometers away

It's not all about the Rioja! Catalan wines stretch beyond the traditional Cava and are finally getting the international recognition they deserve.

Taking inspiration from New York's Soho restaurants, flexitarian restaurant Flax & Kale serves up delicious veggie options and cold pressed juices 

Barcelona has a little clan of gluten-free eateries leading the way. Let us unveil the mystery as to where they are hidden...

Whether you need an egg and Vitamin C-based pick-me-up or something stronger...we've got it sorted.